About Learak House

Travel to the geography of ancient Iran,
To the slopes of South Zagros…
Among of one of the richest areas of civilization on the Iranian plateau, “Learak” is your host.

Learak house was built at the beginning of 2020 in the Sivand, a historical village close to PERSPOLIS. Two of the oldest houses in the village were rebuilt and renovated and Learak was born from their combination.
And in this way the concept of connection make sense to us.
The main aim of our activity in Learak is to promoting “cultural tourism” and focusing on the implementation of cultural and artistic events. By providing the necessary facilities, we try to create a useful and creative connection between the audience and artists of different fields.
In Learak, we present everything we have learnt from the art and skill of hospitality to your enlightened presence, so that you take good memories as a souvenir from here…